Preventive Dentistry in Mesquite, TX

Family | Preventative Dentistry Rockwall, TXYou have the best chance of avoiding discomfort and the cost of dental treatment when you practice prevention. At Natural Dentistry of North Texas, we provide the services you need to help your family stay a step ahead of cavities and gum disease.

If you brush and floss conscientiously at home and stay current with your six-month dental exams and cleanings at our Mesquite dental office, you may never have to worry about getting a cavity. That’s how effective prevention can be and why Dr. Jaspreet Randhawa and our team promote it so heavily at our practice.

Prevention for Total Body Wellness

Keeping your mouth healthy is crucial, but it turns out that excellent oral health is not the only benefit. Mountains of research shows a definite link between the presence of disease in your mouth and your total body wellness.

Diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, strokes, pregnancy complications, and low birthweight babies are all complications associated with chronic mouth infections.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

For many patients, dental exams every six months are perfect intervals for checking up on your oral health and staying a step ahead of issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Others may need visits as often as three or four times a year if we are monitoring a condition like gum disease.

Every examination at our Mesquite, TX dental office includes a comprehensive evaluation. 

Dr. Randhawa will check all your teeth and note any areas of concern. She looks at your gums to see if they look pink and healthy or if there’s evidence of gum disease. If you don’t have current x-rays or there’s a concern, we will take digital x-rays. During your exam, we use an intraoral camera that allows us to show you in great detail what's happening with your teeth. Since we want you to be informed, seeing a problem for yourself makes it easy to understand why you need treatment.

Since many other issues can impact your oral health, every exam also includes screening for oral cancer, sleep apnea, and TMJ disorders. 

Professional Dental Cleanings

Child at Dentist | Rockwall TX Preventative DentistYou brush and floss at home, so why do you need a dental cleaning with a hygienist? The answer is that you will get the most benefit from your at-home oral hygiene if you pair it with professional dental cleanings.

Your hygienist uses specialized instruments to get into spaces between and around teeth that your toothbrush can’t reach. If there’s evidence of gum disease, we will recommend the appropriate treatment to get your oral health back on track. If gum disease has advanced, we would recommend more frequent visits to keep it under control.

In addition to answering your questions and providing tips, our hygiene team will give you every tool you need to maintain cavity prevention at home. This may include prescription strength fluoride toothpaste and mouthwashes. We may also prescribe MI Paste that uses calcium and phosphate to protect, strengthen, condition, and replenish the minerals in your teeth. 

Your Healthier Smile Starts with a Phone Call

A healthier smile starts with routine dental exams and cleanings at Natural Dentistry of North Texas. Dr. Randhawa has seen what a lack of oral prevention can do, and she wants to help you avoid dealing with a succession of dental issues.

Please call Natural Dentistry of North Texas to schedule your next preventive exam and cleaning. Our team looks forward to welcoming you and helping you enjoy the best possible oral health.