Tooth-Colored Fillings in Mesquite, TX

Woman | Dental Fillings Rockwall TXAt some point in our lives, most of us will get a cavity that requires a filling. Tooth-colored fillings are one of the most common yet essential procedures we provide at Natural Dentistry of North Texas.

We can trace many oral health problems back to untreated cavities. So early detection is the key, and that’s why dental exams and cleanings every six months are so crucial. The sooner we find a cavity and fill it, the less likely it is that you will require more advanced treatment in the future.

Dr. Jaspreet Randhawa uses only tooth-colored fillings at our Mesquite, TX dental office. Also called composite fillings or dental composites, the beauty of this material is that it closely resembles the appearance of tooth enamel. When Dr. Randhawa shades the composite to match the tooth, you have a repair that is so seamless even you won’t be able to detect it.

How a Cavity Develops

You probably know that sugar is bad for your teeth, but did you know it’s not the sugar itself that causes cavities? Bacteria in your mouth love to feed on carbohydrates, especially sugar. The process creates acid as a by-product which eats away at tooth enamel if not removed. 

This is the reason your dentist tells you to brush at least twice and floss once a day. Doing so clears away the bacteria-filled plaque and interrupts the acid-producing process. The less time plaque lingers on your teeth, the less chance you have of developing a cavity.

Benefits of Choosing Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavity Fillings in Rockwall, TXDr. Randhawa believes in practicing conservative dentistry that helps us preserve your natural tooth structure for as long as possible. Choosing tooth-colored fillings instead of silver amalgam helps us accomplish that goal.

Amalgam fillings would require us to remove a lot of healthy tooth structure, which threatens the integrity of the tooth. But since the composite filling material is bonded directly to the remaining tooth structure, the amount of tooth we need to remove is minimal. 

Cosmetic Dental Bonding 

Since tooth-colored fillings so closely resemble the appearance of your teeth, we can also use the material for a process called dental bonding.

With bonding, Dr. Randhawa uses the tooth-colored composite material to alter the shape or size of a tooth to improve its appearance. Dental bonding builds up a chipped or broken tooth, fills in uneven spaces between teeth, or corrects the appearance of a poorly shaped tooth.

In keeping with her philosophy of practicing conservative dentistry, Dr. Randhawa also uses the same material to create no-prep veneers. To place a porcelain veneer, a thin layer of tooth enamel needs to be removed, so the process is considered permanent. 

With no-prep or direct veneers, Dr. Randhawa uses the dental composite to cover the surfaces of your teeth to improve their appearance. Direct veneers last for about five years, and they can be removed by your dentist at any time.

Please Call for An Appointment

As you can see, tooth-colored composite material allows us to restore your oral health and improve your appearance at the same time. If it’s time for your next dental exam and cleaning or you think you need a tooth filled, please call our Mesquite, TX dental office.