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Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

September 26, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Randhawa
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At Natural Dentistry of North Texas, our primary goal is to practice preventive dental care to maintain your oral health. We are strong advocates for regular dental checkups, cleaning and fluoride applications. We will always do our utmost to save your teeth, but sometimes a dental extraction is necessary for protecting your teeth and gums. 

When wisdom teeth extractions are needed, we enjoy the skills and expertise of our visiting dentist, Dr. Moore and his team. Dr. Moore has been exclusively treating patients for Wisdom teeth extractions for 15+ years in DFW area. For this dental process, we will not require a preoperative consultation since Dr. Randhawa will evaluate each patient's medical history prior to the procedure. Our incredible dental team will send patient records to Dr. Moore via a secure link along with digital x-rays.

Even diligent patients can experience unexpected dental setbacks that come from illness, trauma, or other conditions. Some common reasons  Mesquite patients may need a tooth extraction can include:

Pain and discomfort—Oral pain is always an indicator of injury, infection, or another severe dental health issue.
Fractured or broken tooth—Many cracked or chipped teeth can be treated with a dental crown, but sometimes the damage is too extensive, and a dental extraction can prevent further oral issues. 

Periodontal disease—Gum disease can be asymptomatic, which can lead to a severe infection when not treated early. Gum disease infects the tooth root, and bad infections may need a tooth extraction to allow patients to heal from the disease. 

Wisdom teeth—Wisdom teeth can become impacted and fail to break through the gum line, or they may grow in at an angle that can endanger surrounding teeth. 

Braces—We may recommend a dental extraction for patients who are interested in straightening their teeth. Issues like overcrowding can prevent orthodontic placement. 
Our Mesquite, TX dental team will let you know all your dental options for protecting your oral health. Together, we can create a treatment plan that treats any dental problems and restore your confidence in your smile. 

If you are experiencing a wisdom tooth issue, or are undergoing tooth pain, please see your Mesquite, TX dentist so we can treat your discomfort and enhance your oral health at Natural Dentistry of North Texas. We are here to help you!

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